ShadeyLane Farms

Registered Miniature Donkeys


The following gorgeous foals listed below completes our foaling for this year!  We are thrilled and proud of all the 2010 foals our wonderful donkeys have produced us this year.

A big thank you to all the people who have purchased one of this year's foal from us.  Please be sure to check out our For Sale page to find your perfect miniature donkey.   

Thank You!

                             Shadey Lane Rascal

Born: June 29, 2010
Birth Height: 22"

Colour: Grey w/ dark points  
Reg. #:  Pending

Sire: Circle C HighWest EXT
Dam:  Cirlce C Miss Marissa

This is such a sweet little jack.  Rascal is very straight and has a beautiful disposition and conformation, he is a carbon copy of his mom. 

                            Shadey Lane Dakota

Born: June 1, 2010
Birth Height: 22.5"

Colour: Grey Dun  
Reg. #:  Pending

Sire: Circle C HighWest EXT
Dam:  Red Willow Abilene

Dakota is a very fine boned dainty little jennet.  She has a very gentle nature and will stand with you as long as you keep scratching her.
                               Shadey Lane ...

Born: May 25, 2010
Birth Height: 22"

Colour: Black  
Reg. #:  Pending

Sire: Circle C HighWest EXT
Dam:  E.N.E. Ice Cream

This is a beautiful little black jennet with great conformation and a very pretty head, she has that "look at me attitude".  We have owned Ice Cream for many years and have bred her to many different jacks trying to get a spotted jennet, but of her 9 foals, 6 were jacks and 2 jennets were grey.  This was a bonus to finally get a girl and to our surprise, BLACK!  With Ice Cream being 18 years old this year we will be retaining this little girl for our own breeding program, we don't want to tempt fate.  We have waited many years for this one.

                               Shadey Lane Kazi

FOR SALE: $600 Gelding

Born: May 18, 2010
Birth Height: 20.5"

Colour: Grey  
Reg. #:  Pending

Sire: Circle C HighWest EXT
Dam: Christmas Cactus

Kazi is a real nice little silver jack with black highlights.  He has a very nice disposition and conformation and will make a great little gelding.
                             Shadey Lane Cookie


FOR SALE: $1250
Born: May 12, 2010
Birth Height: 21"

Colour: Dark Brown  
Reg. #:  Pending

Sire: Circle C HighWest EXT
Dam: Shadey Lane Sierra

This little girl is very correct and straight.  She is a pretty dark brown with sorrel highlights and a real love bug.