ShadeyLane Farms

Registered Miniature Donkeys

                                  2011 Foals

Listed below are this year's current foals. 
Please be sure to check our For Sale Page if you are interested in any of our foals this year. 

Thank you!

                         SHADEYLANE FRISCO

Born: June 2, 2011
Birth Height: 21.5"

Colour: Blue Grey w/ dark points  
Reg. #:  Pending
For Sale: $600 (gelding)

Sire: Circle C HighWest EXT
Dam:  Red Willow Abilene

Frisco is a sweet little blue grey jack with dark points.  He has a very nice disposition and confirmation.  Will make a great driving companion
                      SHADEYLANE TROOPER

Born: April 4, 2011
Birth Height: 22"

Colour: Dark Brown  
Reg. #:  Pending
For Sale: $600 (gelding)

Sire: Circle C HighWest EXT
Dam:  Roamin Heart's Daisy

Trooper is another great example of the foals that Daisy and EXT produce.  Trooper is a very solid straight little guy with a very nice disposition.  He was bottle fed for the first 3 days so he is extremely friendly and loves people.  Will make a wonderful little pet or companion gelding.