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NorthGate Ginger Snap


Born: June 3, 2010
Height: 32 1/2"
Colour: Bright Red
Reg. #:  CDJE-CANpending
MDR #: pending

Sire: Quarter Moon Code Red
Dam: Hickory Hills Peppermint Pattie


Ginger is a beautiful bright red jennet that we bought from North Gate Farms in Texas.  She has such a pretty head and lovely long ears, she has that real "look at me" attitude.  Her pedigree is full of very well know genetics including Quarter Moon, Circle C, LN and Sunset Acres.  The pictures really don't do her justice as she is probably our prettiest red jennet. 
I can't wait to breed her to Recall, the foal should be outstanding!

ShadeyLane Truffles

Sale Pending
Born: April 1, 2008
Birth Height: 32.25"

Colour: Dark Brown  
Reg. #: CDJE-CAN5282

Sire: Circle C Winston
Dam: Romain' Hearts Daisy

Truffles is a very pretty and well put together jennet that we have retained for our breeding program.  She is another example of the type of foals Daisy produces. 
Truffles is bred to Circle C EXT for a 2015 foal.


MJB Dame Dakota


Born: June 18, 2008
Height: 31 1/2"
Colour: True Black
Reg. #:  CDJE-CAN5441
MDR #: 60249

Sire: Soderglen Black Beans
Dam: MJB Dame Venus


Dakota is another true black that we bought from Pat Butler in Rockey Mountain House, AB.  She is a very pretty jennet and her personality is second to none.  Dakota is a very laid back jennet and has such a great disposition.

Dakota is bred to Circle C EXT for a 2015 Foal.



Born: July 5, 2008
Height: 32"
Colour: True Black
Reg. #:  CDJE-CAN5276
MDR #: 60251

Sire: Soderglen Black Beans
Dam: MGF VenusDoublevay II


Venus is a very special jennet.  We bought Venus before we found out Brent was sick and while in Rochester I told Pat Butler to see if she could find another buyer for Venus and Dame.  When she did find another buyer, Brent made me promise I wouldn't stop breeding donkeys.  So, Venus came to Saskatchewan and she will remain here along with her best friend Dame.  Venus is such a pretty true black jennet with a heart of gold.  She has a wonderful pedigree, conformation and disposition.  She has had 2 foals for us and we haven't been disappointed at all!



Born: June 25, 2006
Height: 31"
Colour: Light Sorrel
Reg. #:  CDJE-CAN4774

Sire: BerryRidge Spook
Dam: BerryRidge Juniper


Callie is a very pretty little light sorrel jennet.  We purchased her from NorthGate Farms of Texas in 2012.  She was bred by Don and Anne Fossum in Alberta and we figured she just had to come back Canada.  Callie has a very pretty head and such nice conformation.  Definitely one of our favorites.

Callie is bred to LN Nehi Recall for a 2015 foal! 



Born: March 27, 2004
Height: 33 3/4"
Colour: Bright Red
Reg. #:  CDJE-CAN5439
MDR #:40533

Sire: Itsy Bitsy Burro Co. LN Red Rangler
Dam: 758's Peppermint


We bought Pattie from Mike & Loydene Brown of NorthGate Farms, TX.  Pattie is a very pretty bright red jennet with a beautiful disposition and conformation. 

Pattie is bred to LN Nehi Recall for a 2015 foal.



Born: April 22, 2006
Height: 35"
Colour: Dark Grey
Reg. #:  CDJE-CAN4783

Sire: Red Lightening
Dam: Sun Creek Miss Marcella Beans

Marissa is another magnificent jennet that we purchased from the Circle C program.  She is a 35" grey daughter of Red Lightening and her dam is Sun Creek Miss Marcella Beans who is a very consistent producer who has daughters in the US.




Born: August 20, 2006
Height: 33 1/2"
Colour: Brown/Black
Reg. #:  CDJE-CAN5440
MDR#: 48655

Sire: Dodge City Miniatures Jack of Spades
Dam: Circle C Moulin Rouge


Lexus is another jennet that we bought from NorthGate Farms in Texas.  She was bred by Burlages in Colorado.  We are thrilled to have Lexus as a part of our breeding program.  I love the older bloodlines and Lexus is just a very nice jennet to work with.  She is a very classy jennet and has a super disposition. 
Lexus is bred to Circle C EXT for a 2015 foal, can't wait to see that baby!



Born: May 13, 2004
Height: 32.5"

Colour: Sorrel   
Reg. #:  CDJE-CAN4340

Sire: Circle C Winston
Dam: Romain' Hearts Daisy

Sierra is a beautiful 32 1/2" light sorrel jennet sired by Circle C Winston and out of Daisy.  This is the type of jennet we strive to produce.




Born: June 2, 2004
Height: 34 3/4"
Colour: True Black
Reg. #:  CDJE-CAN5275
MDR #: 41747

Sire: Stoney Acres Jett
Dam: MGF Queen Venus


Dame is another very pretty correct jennet that we bought from Pat Buttler.  She is a true black with light points.  Although she is a taller jennet, her foals are consistently much smaller and have great conformation.  Her bloodlines go back to Dodge City Jack of Spades on both the top and bottom as well as MGF bloodlines on the bottom.  Dame is one of the easiest jennets we have to work with.  She is just a total pleasure to own. 
Dame is bred to Circle C EXT for a 2015 foal.



Born: May 3, 1999
Height: 34 3/4"
Colour: Light Sorrel
Reg. #:  CDJE-CAN3417
MDR #: 34304

Sire: Circle C X'treme
Dam: MGF Venus Sienna


Hot Dish is a very special girl and she knows it.  She is one more jennet that I had imagined myself owning some day.  She was another jennet sold at the First Impression Sale bought by Gordon Kluzak.  She was later sold in Kluzak's dispersal sale and bought by Dee and Max Keithley from Braying Hills along with Walkin on Water.  Hot Dish who happened to be Dee's favourite jennet was a super producer for Dee and she was shown many times by Dee.  I have to thank Dee so much for parting with Hot Dish and letting her return to Canada. 

Her show record includes:

Res Champ at the 2000AMDA Futurity
1st Yearling jennet 2000 NMDA
Res Jr Champion 2000 NMDA
Res Jennet 2 years & up 2003 International Livestock Expo Donkey & Mule Congress, Springfield IL
1st Jennet 3 & up 2005 MO State Fair
1st Produce of Dam 2007 MMDA State Show



Photo of Wow at 17 years oldPERFECTION'S WALKIN ON WATER
Born: July 25, 1997
Height: 32"
Colour: Black
Reg. #:  Y-CDJE-2140
MDR #: 34303

Sire: Soderglen Black Beans
Dam: S.S. Shelley

 Wow is a jennet that I admired many years ago as a young jennet.  She was my personal favorite and had always hoped to buy a jennet like her.  She was sold as a yearling at the First Impression sale and bought by Gordon Kluzak.    She sold again in 2002 at Old West's Dispersal sale, but she was one of the high selling jennets at the sale.  In the write ups describing Wow they read thunder rolled, lightening struck, the water parted and Walkin on Water appeared.  She is as good as they get.  I feel so privileged to finally own Wow 9 years later.  Although she is older now, she still has great conformation and an outstanding disposition.  She has been a proven producer for both Gordon Kluzak and Dee Keithley of Braying Hills.  She won the jennet and foal class in Calgary the only time she was shown.  I would like to thank Dee of Braying Hills for finally giving me the opportunity to own one of my all time favorites.
Wow is bred to Circle C EXT for a 2015 foal.


          Babe Ruth of Shadey Lane (Reference Jenny only)

-reference only-
Born: April 29, 1997 to 2009
Birth Height: 33.75"

Colour: Brown Black  
Reg. #:  Y-CDJE-2270

Sire: T.J. Cactus of Circle C
Dam: Betsy

Babe was a jennet we purchased in 1998 as a yearling.  She was very shy, timid and fairly neglected.  She had such a kind eye that we just couldn't leave her behind.  She turned out to be a very beautiful jennet a kind temperment.  She had the prettiest head and lovely long ears.  Through the years we always continued to improve our genetics and in turn sold our first donkeys, but Babe was one donkey that was never to be sold. 
Her foals have been sold across Saskatchewan, Ontario and one is even in Nova Scotia. 
We sadly lost Babe in September of 2009
but she will always be remembered.