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We would like to thank all our customers on their purchase of a ShadeyLane donkey.
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Born: August 31, 1992
Height: 33 3/4"
Colour: Spotted Brown
Reg. #:  Y-CDJE-1873

Sire: Rainbow's Blizzard Red
Dam: Hartman Donkeys Iris

Ice Cream is a very fancy 35" spotted jennet sired by the famous Rainbow's Blizzard.  We called Sharon Cooke several years ago looking for a spotted jennet and she agreed to sell us Ice Cream.  We feel very fortunate to have her.  At 18 years old she continues to be a very consistent and exceptional producer.



Born: May 15, 1999

Height: 34"
Colour: Grey
Reg. #: CDJE-CAN3510
American Reg. #: 33470

 Little Motown
Dam: Circle C Tinkerbell

Tina is a very pretty grey jennet sired by the renowned Little Motown.  Tina was the last of some of my "I've always wanted" donkeys.  For many years I had kept my eyes open for a Motown daughter.    Tina placed 3rd in the jennet class in Vermont at the 2002 Labour Day Donkey Spectacular. 




Born: May 12, 2012

Height: 31.5"

Colour: Black NLP   

Reg. #: CDJE-CAN5450

Sire: MJB Zorro

Dam:  MJB Black Venus

Minx is another pretty true black 2 year old who was bred by Pat Butler.  She was born on our farm and she has been a complete delight to raise.  She is a very small compact little girl.  She has a great disposition and absolutely loves people.  Minx is being offered for sale this fall.




Born: April 24, 2014
Height at Birth: 20.75"
Colour: Black NLP  
Reg. #: CDJE-CAN(pending)

Sire: Circle C EXT
Dam:  MJB Black Venus

Magic is a very friendly jennet foal that we have raised on our farm.  She is a real sweetheart with personality to burn.  Magic is very correct and straight.  We believe when she is shed off she will be true black.  She was very small at birth and I estimate her mature height to be about 32".



Born: June 3, 2010

Height: 32 1/2"
Colour: Bright Red
Reg. #:  CDJE-CAN
MDR #: pending

Sire: Quarter Moon Code Red
Dam: Hickory Hills Peppermint Pattie


Ginger is a beautiful bright red jennet that we bought from North Gate Farms in Texas.  She has such a pretty head and lovely long ears, she has that real "look at me" attitude.  Her pedigree is full of very well know genetics including Quarter Moon, Circle C, LN and Sunset Acres.  The pictures really don't do her justice as she is probably our prettiest red jennet. 



Born: April 1, 2008
Birth Height: 32.25"

Colour: Dark Brown  
Reg. #: CDJE-CAN5282

Sire: Circle C Winston
Dam: Romain' Hearts Daisy

Truffles is a very pretty and well put together jennet that we have retained for our breeding program.  She is another example of the type of foals Daisy produces. 



Born: June 25, 2006

Height: 31"
Colour: Light Sorrel
Reg. #:  CDJE-CAN4774

Sire: BerryRidge Spook
Dam: BerryRidge Juniper


Callie is a very pretty little light sorrel jennet.  We purchased her from NorthGate Farms of Texas in 2012.  She was bred by Don and Anne Fossum in Alberta and we figured she just had to come back Canada.  Callie has a very pretty head and such nice conformation.  Definitely one of our favorites.



Born: March 27, 2004

Height: 33 3/4"
Colour: Bright Red
Reg. #:  CDJE-CAN5439
MDR #:40533

Sire: Itsy Bitsy Burro Co. LN Red Rangler
Dam: 758's Peppermint


We bought Pattie from Mike & Loydene Brown of NorthGate Farms, TX.  Pattie is a very pretty bright red jennet with a beautiful disposition and conformation. 



Born: August 20, 2006

Height: 33 1/2"
Colour: Brown/Black
Reg. #:  CDJE-CAN5440
MDR#: 48655

Sire: Dodge City Miniatures Jack of Spades
Dam: Circle C Moulin Rouge


Lexus is another jennet that we bought from NorthGate Farms in Texas.  She was bred by Burlages in Colorado.  We are thrilled to have Lexus as a part of our breeding program.  I love the older bloodlines and Lexus is just a very nice jennet to work with.  She is a very classy jennet and has a super disposition. 



Born: May 13, 2004
Height: 32.5"

Colour: Sorrel   
Reg. #:  CDJE-CAN4340

Sire: Circle C Winston
Dam: Romain' Hearts Daisy

Sierra is a beautiful 32 1/2" light sorrel jennet sired by Circle C Winston and out of Daisy.  This is the type of jennet we strive to produce.



Born: June 2, 2004

Height: 34 3/4"
Colour: True Black
Reg. #:  CDJE-CAN5275
MDR #: 41747

Sire: Stoney Acres Jett
Dam: MGF Queen Venus 

Dame is another very pretty correct jennet that we bought from Pat Buttler.  She is a true black with light points.  Although she is a taller jennet, her foals are consistently much smaller and have great conformation.  Her bloodlines go back to Dodge City Jack of Spades on both the top and bottom as well as MGF bloodlines on the bottom.  Dame is one of the easiest jennets we have to work with.  She is just a total pleasure to own. 



Born: May 3, 1999

Height: 34 3/4"
Colour: Light Sorrel
Reg. #:  CDJE-CAN3417
MDR #: 34304

Sire: Circle C X'treme
Dam: MGF Venus Sienna 

Hot Dish is a very special girl and she knows it.  She is one more jennet that I had imagined myself owning some day.  She was another jennet sold at the First Impression Sale bought by Gordon Kluzak.  She was later sold in Kluzak's dispersal sale and bought by Dee and Max Keithley from Braying Hills along with Walkin on Water.  Hot Dish who happened to be Dee's favourite jennet was a super producer for Dee and she was shown many times by Dee.  I have to thank Dee so much for parting with Hot Dish and letting her return to Canada. 

Her show record includes:

Res Champ at the 2000AMDA Futurity
1st Yearling jennet 2000 NMDA
Res Jr Champion 2000 NMDA
Res Jennet 2 years & up 2003 International Livestock Expo Donkey & Mule Congress, Springfield IL
1st Jennet 3 & up 2005 MO State Fair
1st Produce of Dam 2007 MMDA State Show



Born: July 25, 1997

Height: 32"
Colour: Black
Reg. #:  Y-CDJE-2140
MDR #: 34303


Sire: Soderglen Black Beans
Dam: S.S. Shelley

 Wow is a jennet that I admired many years ago as a young jennet.  She was my personal favorite and had always hoped to buy a jennet like her.  She was sold as a yearling at the First Impression sale and bought by Gordon Kluzak.    She sold again in 2002 at Old West's Dispersal sale, but she was one of the high selling jennets at the sale.  In the write ups describing Wow they read thunder rolled, lightening struck, the water parted and Walkin on Water appeared.  She is as good as they get.  I feel so privileged to finally own Wow 9 years later.  Although she is older now, she still has great conformation and an outstanding disposition.  She has been a proven producer for both Gordon Kluzak and Dee Keithley of Braying Hills.  She won the jennet and foal class in Calgary the only time she was shown.  I would like to thank Dee of Braying Hills for finally giving me the opportunity to own one of my all time favorites.



 Barn Name: "X"  

Born: May 30, 2006
Height: 31 1/8"
Colour: Dark Brown
Reg #: CDJA-CAN-4730



Sire: MGF Future Link - 32" Black,
2009 Calgary Stampede Grand Champion Jack
Dam: Circle C Special Edition - 32 7/8 " Dark Brown,
Multiple Champion Jennet in Canada & the US

In the fall of 2008 we started our search for another jack.  After a long search we again called Sharon Cooke to see if she still had any prospects.  She had a few to pick from and mentioned that they had a little jack out of Future Link co-owned with Dave and Kathryn Larson.  His name was Circle C/Hiwest EXT and his dam was Special Edition whose dam was Coco Channel who happens to be my all time favorite donkey.  I had admired Coco and Special Edition for many years and now we had an opportunity to add those bloodlines to our breeding program.  EXT is a very fancy little 30" jack with lots of colour and predicable genes that compliments Radar's daughters wonderfully.  We thank the Cookes and Larsons so much for giving us the opportunity to own such a great little jack whose bloodlines include Future Link, Red Lightening, and Little Motown wrapped into one.   



                                                                                                       Born: June 10, 2012

Height: 30"
Colour: Red  
Reg. #: CDJA-CAN5397cI

Sire: Hooves ETC Sizzle
Dam: Circle C Miss Fancy


We were so excited to get another jack from Grant and Sharon.  We needed a new red jack and Sharon had just what we were looking for.  Impressive is very small but very solid.  He has beautiful conformation and a wonderful disposition.  He also offers some new bloodlines to our herd and is sure to downsize some of the foals.  We look forward to see a couple new foals from him in 2016.



Barn Name: "Recall"  
Born: May 12, 2007
Height: 30"
Colour: Red
Reg #: CDJA-CAN5473
MDR 60775

Sire: Red Sonnehi
Dam: LN Calley

We just bought Recall from Nissens in Iowa in April of 2014 to compliment our red jennets.  Recall is a very small compact little jack standing at only 30".  We had been looking for a red jack for a while but wanted some different bloodlines but at the same time wanted to keep the old bloodlines.  We were very excited to find a Red Sonnehi son and Recall has fit the bill.



Born: May 1, 1998
Height: 33"
Colour: Dark Chestnut
Reg. #:  Y-CDJE-2435

Sire: Starwars of Northfork
Dam: Sassie of Northfork

Daisy is our personal favorite jennet.  She is a 33" rich mahogany sorrel with a lot of color in her background.  Her foals have great confirmation and disposition.  We bought Daisy from Delores Durango after she bought her at Cooke's sale.  We have retained all of Daisy's daughters in our breeding program.


Thank you Ivan Richards, Yorkton, SK



Born: April 13, 1997
Height: 31.25 "
Colour: Blue Grey
Reg. #:  Y-CDJE-1693

Sire: Circle C Poncho
Dam: Hilda's Funny Farm Annie

Abby is a very pretty 32" blue grey jennet.  She has a great disposition and conformation and is very gentle, which she always passes on to her foals.



Born: August 18, 2008
Colour: Grey
Reg. #:  Y-CDJE-4900

Sire: Circle C Bear Essential
Dam: ENE Begonia

We would like to thank Karl & Grace Krautt for letting us purchase this pretty little jennet.  Tali has great conformation and is just a pleasure to be around.  We look forward to breeding Tali to EXT in the spring of 2011.



Born: June 2, 2011
Birth Height: 21.5"
Colour: Blue Grey w/ dark points  
Reg. #:  Pending

Dam:  Red Willow Abilene

Frisco is a sweet little blue grey jack with dark points.  He has a very nice disposition and confirmation.  Will make a great driving companion gelding.




Born: April 27, 2009
Colour: Spotted
Reg. #:  Y-CDJE-5061

Sire: The Elms Thunder Boom
Dam: MGF Suri Supreme

What great new bloodlines and addition Splash brings to our breeding program from Karl & Grace Krautt.  We had decided to add a little colour to our herd and with Splash we will have it for sure! 

Thank you to Howard Parchman from Moose Jaw SK for purchasing Splash. 
We are so happy to hear you are enjoying her.




Born: May 12, 2010
Birth Height: 21"
Height: 29 1/2"

Colour: Dark Brown  
Reg. #:  CDJE-5167

Sire: Circle C HighWest EXT
Dam: Shadey Lane Sierra



Born: August 1, 2009
Birth Height: 21"
Height: 32 3/4"

Colour: Dark Brown  
Reg. #:  CDJE-5168

Sire: Circle C Winston
Dam: Babe Ruth of Shadey Lane



Born: November 24, 2001
Height: 31"

Colour: Grey Dun  
Reg. #:  CDJE-4057

Sire: Circle C Fame
Dam: Roamin' Hearts Farm Daisy

Christmas is a very drafty 31" grey jennet who is a daughter of Daisy.  She was at Daisy's side when we bought her.  Her sire is a black jack sired by Red Lightening, so she has a very diverse amount of color in her background.  

Linda Elles, Ituna, SK
Thank you Linda for your purchase of all three beautiful girls:
Cookie, Babe, and Christmas!

Born: June 1, 2010
Birth Height: 22.5"

Colour: Grey Dun  
Reg. #:  Pending

Sire: Circle C HighWest EXT
Dam:  Red Willow Abilene

Dakota is a very fine boned dainty little jennet.  She has a very gentle nature and will stand with you as long as you keep scratching her.
Jennifer Harris, Arcola, SK
Thank you Jennifer for your purchase of Dakota.  Dakota will make a wonderful little companion for Jennifer's show horse.  We know she is going to a great home with a loving family.  

Born: June 29, 2010
Birth Height: 22"

Colour: Grey w/ dark points  
Reg. #:  Pending

Sire: Circle C HighWest EXT
Dam:  Cirlce C Miss Marissa

This is such a sweet little jack.  Rascal is very straight and has a beautiful disposition and conformation, he is a carbon copy of his mom.  He will be available in the fall after he is weaned and will make a great little pet or companion for anyone.

Amy Harris, Pilot Butte, SK
Thank you Amy for having the trust in our breeding program for purchasing your second miniature donkey from ShadeyLane Farms.  Amy at the 2009 Agribition had purchased our weanling gelding on display named Marty and now has bought his full brother, Rascal! 
What a great home they will have with so many people to spoil them rotten...   


Born: May 18, 2010
Birth Height: 20.5"

Colour: Grey  
Reg. #:  Pending

Sire: Circle C HighWest EXT
Dam: Christmas Cactus

Kazi is a real nice little silver jack with black highlights.  He has a very nice disposition and conformation and will make a great little gelding.
Thank you 
Debby Richard, Duff, SK
Kazi will be making his new home when he is weaned with Debby and her many other animals.   


Price: $1250
Born: May 13, 2009
Birth Height: 20.5"
Reg. #: CDJE-CAN5093
Circle C HiWest EXT (Dark Brown)
Dam: Red Willow Abilene (Grey)

Thank you to Jean Cheze from Meadow Lake, SK

Price: $1500
Born: May 23, 2009
Birth Height: 19.5"
Reg. #: CDJE-CAN5092
Circle C HiWest EXT (Dark Brown)
Dam: Roamin' Hearts Farm Daisy (Sorrel)

Thank you to Jean Cheze from Meadow Lake, SK