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Leanne Prystupa
Kronau, SK
Phone: (306)781-2590



We would like to thank all our customers on their purchase of a ShadeyLane donkey.
Thank You!



Born: May 1, 1998
Height: 33"
Colour: Dark Chestnut
Reg. #:  Y-CDJE-2435

Sire: Starwars of Northfork
Dam: Sassie of Northfork

Daisy is our personal favorite jennet.  She is a 33" rich mahogany sorrel with a lot of color in her background.  Her foals have great confirmation and disposition.  We bought Daisy from Delores Durango after she bought her at Cooke's sale.  We have retained all of Daisy's daughters in our breeding program.

Thank you Ivan Richards, Yorkton, SK


Born: April 13, 1997
Height: 31.25 "
Colour: Blue Grey
Reg. #:  Y-CDJE-1693

Sire: Circle C Poncho
Dam: Hilda's Funny Farm Annie

Abby is a very pretty 32" blue grey jennet.  She has a great disposition and conformation and is very gentle, which she always passes on to her foals.



Born: May 2, 2004
Height: 33 3/4"
Colour: Bright Sorrel
American Reg. #: 42023  

Sire: Sunset Acres Radial Flyer
Dam: Perfection's X'treme Hot Dish

Ruffles is a pretty bright red jennet with a small star.  We decided to buy her because I love her mother and her sire is a very nice red jack who has been shown very successfully.  Ruffles has also been shown very successfully by Dee in Missouri. 

Her show record includes: 

2nd Jennets 2 & under at the 2005 MO State Fair
1st Jennets 3 & over at the 2007 MMDA State Show
Res Grand Champion at the 2007 MMDA State Show
1st Jennets 3 & over at the 2007 MO State Fair


Thank you Tara Pegg, Bracken SK on your purchase of Abilene and Ruffles!

-Future Brood Jennet-
Born: August 18, 2008
Colour: Grey
Reg. #:  Y-CDJE-4900

Sire: Circle C Bear Essential
Dam: ENE Begonia

We would like to thank Karl & Grace Krautt for letting us purchase this pretty little jennet.  Tali has great conformation and is just a pleasure to be around.  We look forward to breeding Tali to EXT in the spring of 2011.


Thank you to Ryan Bulych, Ituna SK


Born: June 2, 2011
Birth Height: 21.5"

Colour: Blue Grey w/ dark points  
Reg. #:  Pending

Sire: Circle C HighWest EXT
Dam:  Red Willow Abilene

Frisco is a sweet little blue grey jack with dark points.  He has a very nice disposition and confirmation.  Will make a great driving companion gelding.


Born: April 4, 2011
Birth Height: 22"

Colour: Dark Brown  
Reg. #:  Pending

Sire: Circle C HighWest EXT
Dam:  Roamin Heart's Daisy

Trooper is another great example of the foals that Daisy and EXT produce.  Trooper is a very solid straight little guy with a very nice disposition.  He was bottle fed for the first 3 days so he is extremely friendly and loves people.  Will make a wonderful little pet or companion gelding. 


Born: April 27, 2009
Colour: Spotted
Reg. #:  Y-CDJE-5061

Sire: The Elms Thunder Boom
Dam: MGF Suri Supreme

What great new bloodlines and addition Splash brings to our breeding program from Karl & Grace Krautt.  We had decided to add a little colour to our herd and with Splash we will have it for sure! 

Thank you to Howard Parchman from Moose Jaw SK for purchasing Splash. 
We are so happy to hear you are enjoying her.

Born: May 12, 2010
Birth Height: 21"
Height: 29 1/2"

Colour: Dark Brown  
Reg. #:  CDJE-5167

Sire: Circle C HighWest EXT
Dam: Shadey Lane Sierra



Born: August 1, 2009
Birth Height: 21"
Height: 32 3/4"

Colour: Dark Brown  
Reg. #:  CDJE-5168

Sire: Circle C Winston
Dam: Babe Ruth of Shadey Lane



Born: November 24, 2001
Height: 31"

Colour: Grey Dun  
Reg. #:  CDJE-4057

Sire: Circle C Fame
Dam: Roamin' Hearts Farm Daisy

Christmas is a very drafty 31" grey jennet who is a daughter of Daisy.  She was at Daisy's side when we bought her.  Her sire is a black jack sired by Red Lightening, so she has a very diverse amount of color in her background.  

Linda Elles, Ituna, SK
Thank you Linda for your purchase of all three beautiful girls:
Cookie, Babe, and Christmas!
Shadey Lane Dakota                                          SOLD

Born: June 1, 2010
Birth Height: 22.5"

Colour: Grey Dun  
Reg. #:  Pending

Sire: Circle C HighWest EXT
Dam:  Red Willow Abilene

Dakota is a very fine boned dainty little jennet.  She has a very gentle nature and will stand with you as long as you keep scratching her.
Jennifer Harris, Arcola, SK
Thank you Jennifer for your purchase of Dakota.  Dakota will make a wonderful little companion for Jennifer's show horse.  We know she is going to a great home with a loving family.  
Shadey Lane Rascal                                            SOLD

Born: June 29, 2010
Birth Height: 22"

Colour: Grey w/ dark points  
Reg. #:  Pending

Sire: Circle C HighWest EXT
Dam:  Cirlce C Miss Marissa

This is such a sweet little jack.  Rascal is very straight and has a beautiful disposition and conformation, he is a carbon copy of his mom.  He will be available in the fall after he is weaned and will make a great little pet or companion for anyone.

Amy Harris, Pilot Butte, SK
Thank you Amy for having the trust in our breeding program for purchasing your second miniature donkey from ShadeyLane Farms.  Amy at the 2009 Agribition had purchased our weanling gelding on display named Marty and now has bought his full brother, Rascal! 
What a great home they will have with so many people to spoil them rotten...   


Shadey Lane Kazi                                               SOLD

Born: May 18, 2010
Birth Height: 20.5"

Colour: Grey  
Reg. #:  Pending

Sire: Circle C HighWest EXT
Dam: Christmas Cactus

Kazi is a real nice little silver jack with black highlights.  He has a very nice disposition and conformation and will make a great little gelding.
Thank you 
Debby Richard, Duff, SK
Kazi will be making his new home when he is weaned with Debby and her many other animals.   


 Shadey Lane Echo                                             SOLD

Price: $1250
Born: May 13, 2009
Birth Height: 20.5"
Reg. #: CDJE-CAN5093
Circle C HiWest EXT (Dark Brown)
Dam: Red Willow Abilene (Grey)

Thank you to Jean Cheze from Meadow Lake, SK

Shadey Lane Rane                                            SOLD

Price: $1500
Born: May 23, 2009
Birth Height: 19.5"
Reg. #: CDJE-CAN5092
Circle C HiWest EXT (Dark Brown)
Dam: Roamin' Hearts Farm Daisy (Sorrel)

Thank you to Jean Cheze from Meadow Lake, SK